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Terms and Conditions

Fundraising terms and conditions Fundraising terms and conditions (86 KB)

  1. The 'Wheelie Cool Fundraising' and pricing structure is designed to help your organisation raise revenue, through the sale of our wheelie bin stickers throughout the local community.
  2. The program offers your school the following attractive financial returns:
    • A special contribution of up 50% for every sticker sold at our recommended retail price. This correlates to $2.48 for a mini sticker, $14.97 for a 120L sticker, and $17.48 for a 240L sticker.
    • A one off bonus contribution upon reaching total gross sales of:
      1. $2,500 ('Bronze' Target) Bonus Payment: $250
      2. $5,000 ('Silver' Target) Bonus Payment: $500
      3. $10,000 ('Gold' Target) Bonus Payment: $1,000
  3. The fundraising activity shall only proceed once the 'Application Form' is submitted and approved by Wheeliedesigns.com, and the coordinator has received a 'Letter of Approval'.
  4. Upon receiving the email approval, the program shall commence in accordance with the 'Event Start Date' stated in the 'Application Form', and last for a standard duration of 30 days. If additional time is required please contact us to organise an extension date. A maximum duration of 60 days is permitted for each individual fundraising event.
  5. All monies raised shall be recorded by the coordinator using the 'Fundraising Summary Form'. Revenue raised shall be credited back to Wheeliedesigns.com within 30 days upon conclusion of fundraising event. Please do not send cash by mail. All payments must be organised via cheque or EFT.
  6. Wheeliedesigns.com shall not be liable for reimbursement of any expenses incurred before, during or after the event, and/or provide assistance in organising and/or marketing the event.
  7. Use of the Wheeliedesign.com name and logo cannot be used in any way without prior permission from Wheeliedesigns.com. In the event you wish to use any branded items in your fundraising activity, please discuss this first with us to ensure they are within our branding guidelines.
  8. The coordinator is responsible for ensuring the safety of the event, including organising the appropriate public liability insurance.
  9. Wheeliedesigns.com reserves the right to terminate the fundraising program at any time if it appears that there is a likelihood that the organiser is failing to meet any of the above responsibilities. Terms & Conditions

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