Our 7 year celebration and spanking new website!

Posted by Jo Sweeney on 29 March, 2015

Welcome to our first blog post on our sexy new website! This is pretty special for us, March 2015 marks our 7th year in the business of making bins beautiful.

Building our new website has been like birthing a child (not in the painful sense.... It's just the intensity of knowing you're creating something limitless and exciting)!

We're super passionate about stinky bins and we love it when humans take pride in reducing, re-using and recycling waste. We're also artists so our business is really all about creating a canvas for every new customer.

We could write a book about running an online store, the successes, the pitfalls, what works and what simply doesn't... If you're wanting to start an online business and have any questions interact with us, we love to share wisdom from our adventures!

The photo above really tells a story for us... Taken on March 17th it was our exact 7 year anniversary, we're in the middle of a commercial photoshoot trudging up a hill carting stinky bins in the hot sun when our photographer Russ from www.russbenningphotography.com takes a sneaky pic of us in action.

If there's one piece of wisdom we'd like to impart on people wanting an online businesses - is it's not a matter of having a great idea and just building a website.... it doesn't magically happen!!!

We hope you enjoy our new site, it's a real evolution for our business and now we're 7, we feel like we've finally matured and know exactly where we're going :)

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