Sticker Idea #1 - Pantry Door ’Weekly Schedule Wallpaper'

Posted by Jo Sweeney on 17 June, 2015

We’re known as Chief Bin Lady and Chief Colour-inerer and we’re passionate about stinky bins… BUT at heart we’re artists and we love getting creative in our own homes with sticker stock! We’ve decided we’ll start sharing different ways you can use stickers over a few different blog articles.

OK we’re also designers but with websites like fiverr - you can get someone to set up your artwork to size and ready for print… for literally $5!


Measure up!
  • Measure your pantry door with a tape measure - exactly!
  • Write down the size in millimetres - the width x height.
Planning your design
  • Figure out how you want to best use the space, what works for your family
  • I’ve gone with a weekly free flowing list with only the days of the week pre-printed for structure
  • I’ve got a teenager daughter at home so I’ve used inspirational quotes to keep her thinking… (saved as jpeg files off Facebook)
  • We also use the planner for our shopping list
  • There’s plenty of free stock websites available for artwork, borders, photos etc. my favourites are and - you can browse their collections for inspiration or if you download the eps version of any illustrative artwork you can have a designer edit it for you.
  • You can even sketch out a rough layout with pencil and photograph it as a reference plan.


Jump on Fiverr

Post a job similar to this style text.

Hi! I’m wanting some artwork created for my cupboard door. 

I’d like to use family photos that I can email to you. And list all of the days of the weeks as headings, in purple script style font. I’ve also attached a pencil rough of my idea. Please provide me with a press ready PDF at 0000mm high x 000mm wide with 5mm bleed on all edges. The minimum resolution needs to be 72dpi @ 100% size.

(You can share this article with them to help even more!)  

Find a local signwriter

Once you have your artwork complete and the PDF emailed to you, google a local signwriter and order a self adhesive vinyl print with laminate. (You can always email us if you want us to print and ship one to you!)

Make sure you explain to them that you want to apply it to your kitchen cupboard laminate, tell them the size in mm and ask them to check your file. 

We recommend laminate for two reasons… 1 - it’s easier to apply because it’s thicker, 2 - extra durability with using whiteboard markers, you can get an actual whiteboard film placed on top (I don’t personally use this - I just clean mine weekly to avoid shadowing). 


Ok think of this as being a like covering school books (it’s easy!)

  • Remove the handle off your cupboard.
  • Make an applicator - grab a credit card and wrap it in a clean chux cloth (to make it softer).
  • Keep all the backing paper on the sticker, start at the top left and expose the first 10cm of the sticker the whole way across the width (top of sticker).
  • You have 5mm of extra sticker around the edges to overhang (you cut this off at the end).
  • Position the top left corner of the sticker with approx 5mm of sticker overhanging, push firmly to hold this in place.
  • Then moving left to right with the applicator apply the sticker to the top of the pantry.
  • Now slowly start peeling back the backing paper 10-15cm at time and sweep the applicator left to right from edge to edge.
  • Work your way from the top of the sticker to the base.
  • If you go off track or get a wrinkle you can quickly peel the sticker slightly back and reapply it again.
  • Once your sticker is on get a stanley knife and carefully trim back the excess sticker stock on all the edges.
  • We have a video on our site on how to apply a bin sticker - check this out if you get stuck! 

I'd love to see other people with these pantry stickers - I get so many comments on mine!

Jo Sweeney
Chief Colour-inerer

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