Rainbows are awesome.

Posted by Jo Sweeney on 29 June, 2015

Clearly if I call myself chief colour-inerer I freaking love colour. As a designer I am a bit as I would call it 'rainbow bright'. I love vibrant high contrast combinations that punch you in the face. I've art directed designers who love nothing more than endless shades of beige - the struggle was real!

The day the rainbow took over
June 27th 2015 was a great day for humanity with LOVE winning. And a great day for rainbows. As my Facebook feed became flooded with rainbows the happy energy ran through me, but for a moment I was actually jealous of America... If they have same love why can't we? 

Taking Action
We've been making bin stickers for over 7 years now and for the first time ever I was fuelled to make a political statement and put it curbside. Australia needs to step up! And who wouldn't want to see beautiful rainbows on bin day?!

The meaning of a rainbow
When we see a rainbow in the sky it's a deeply personal experience - at the same time it's a bliss you want to share... Come quick there's a rainbow! Don't even get me started on the elusive pot of gold.

I'm not sure when the GLBQT community claimed the rainbow as their flag but I've always declared no-one owns the rainbow it belongs to all of us! Use it!

My Rainbow
I loved designing our love is love bin sticker. It felt good, it felt right and the arty nerd side of my personality mixed those colour pallets to the exact CMYK inks of my perfect cliche rainbow!

Make your own...
So after 20 years of colouring-in this is my favourite combination, I've shared it to inspire you designers out there to keep on making rainbows.

#lovewins #rainbowsareawesome

chief colour-inerer Jo.

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